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Kert Bent

Where do children spend most of their time when they are at school? In their classroom. In this case, how could they experience the wonders of nature that surrounds them? With a garden.

This is how the idea of  Kert Bent  (the name of the project means ,,indoor garden”) was born.

Our self-designed indoor mushroom-garden is aiming for one thing: for you to meet the importance of biodiversity through playful methods that provide genuine experiences.


 About us


The team

Get to know the members of our team, those who dreamt and brought the Kert-Bent project to life.


Dóri Reitter


 Howdy y’all, I’m Dóri, the contact person and to-be-teacher of the team. As of now I’m a student of ELTE Biology and Environmental Studies Teacher major, doing my trainee teaching year. As for me, the project has given me an outstanding opportunity to gain experience in informal education, which I can later utilise in my teaching practice.


Dorisz Horváth


Hi everybody, I’m Dorisz, the student of SZIE International Studies major. Participating in projects is truly dear to me, for that you can see first-hand how creativity and teamwork can build something new out of nothing. Responsibilities that fall under me are mainly logistics-related, however I love teaching as well as dealing with children. Thus, the project proves as a perfect ground for me to further develop my skills through organisation and workshops.


Eni Gosztom


 Hi there, I’m Enikő, the dreamer and coordinator of the project. My responsibilities are to ensure that the program would run smoothly and that the timeline would be kept. Creating the project’s framework and managing finances while keeping an open mind for creative-pedagogical ideas are also my fields.


Borcsi Jáger 


Howdy, I’m Borcsi, the forever-organiser and brainstormer. My tasks include coordinating the program’s design related aspects - such as our image, the website all the way to the last drawing and hue - so that every notion of ours would come to reality. Furthermore, using my experiences in environmental education and cultural anthropology to introduce the social aspects of biodiversity in a playful way to the children throughout activities.


Matyi Galavits


Hello there, I’m Matyi, a graduate student of the MOME Design major. My tasks were to design the garden, create an image for the team and to shape the website’s initial concept. Apart from my design works and jobs, I’ve been dealing with children during weekend and summer workshops where I taught them designing.


The team is passionate and
essential member


The mushrooms we grew – with more or less success - while working on the project have also become a significant part of our team. They, along with friends, family members and professionals drawn to the project, encouraged us to work and come up with newer and newer ideas.

célunk 2.png

Our aim

Climate change? Degrading biodiversity? Economic and Social crisis?

Nowadays’ frequent issues reach us, as well as our children. However, in this case it’s important how and in what means. Our aim is to help them develop a positive and motivating worldview, so that they could face the challenges of both today and tomorrow with confidence and dedication.

célunk 2.3.png


Based on our team’s principle, this starts with considering people as part of nature and not separate from it. We would like the children taking part in this project to become familiar with biodiversity through playful means, as well as to actively experience the wonders of natural elements. This is how and why our mushroom gardens are brought into the classrooms.



With this, we would also like to assist those dedicated teachers and pedagogues who are solicitous about children’s education and would like to provide something extra in the topic of environmental upbringing. Our playful exercises will be suited specifically for the children’s age so that biodiversity, along with the world of mushrooms are introduced in an enjoyable way.

The project sprouted from these objectives, which we nurtured with zeal, creativity as well as our heart and soul, so that children would be offered genuine experiences.

The project


Our project’s primary dreamer was Enikő: he brought the members of our team together, so that it could be accomplished. Although, it’s not a secret that the unity of the team is based on long-running acquaintances and friendships.


The project’s supporters and financial supporters are the European Solidarity Corps and the National Youth Council. The European Union Solidarity Projects’ aim is to start initiations that support local communities. The Mushroom-Classroom targets to support the communities of school classrooms, by prioritising the values of  sustainability in children’s education. With this mindset did we win the necessary financial support for our project the above mentioned organisations.


😎 Throughout the workshops children will have the opportunity to:

🍄  build one of our self-designed mushroom-garden
🍄 be familiarised with biodiversity through multiple playful exercises
🍄 experience several different educational means that are based on IKT devices, as well as artistic pedagogies that emphasize education through self-expression


We believe that in education learning through experience is truly necessary, so that the acquired knowledge could not only be used sitting behind school benches. On the other hand children can take these ideas home with them and apply them in their everyday life.


Working on the project allowed us to meet and consult with different professionals, including Gombajó (Eng. Mushroom-good), who have been dealing with mushrooms for decades. We paid utmost attention to find young entrants from different professional fields (art, design, IT etc.) to make them part of the fulfilment of the project.

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