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Feel free to contact us via our email address: if you were intrigued by the project, if further details interest you, if you have any questions or if you would just like to have a conversation with zealous youngsters on environmental education and indoor mushroom gardens.

For enquirers

Mi a Kert-Bent projekt? / What is Kert-Bent project?

Kik csinálják a Projektet? / Who are doing these projects?

Hogyan valósulhat meg a dolog, kik támogatják? /
How can the project exist, who are the supporters?

Hogyan épül fel a kert? / How is the garden constructed?

Mit csináltok a kerttel a sulikban? / What is done to the gardens in schools?

Mi lesz a kerttel a workshop után? /
What happens to the garden after the workshop?

Tuti, hogy kinő a gomba? / Will the mushrooms grow for sure?

Miért éppen gombák vannak a kertben? /

Why do we grow mushrooms specifically?

Mi egyáltalán a biodiverzitás és miért kell vele foglalkozni? /

What is biodiversity and why should we deal with it?

A mi sulinkban is szeretnénk gombakertet, eljöttök? /

We want a mushroom-garden in our school, could you come?

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